Egress partners with IITER to help organizations defend against email-based cyber-threats and data breaches

IITER to offer Egress’ intelligent email security solutions to help clients in Australia reduce cyber attacks and the risk of data breaches.

Commenting on the announcement, Daniel Hoy, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Egress, explained: “We are delighted to formally partner with iiter as a demonstration of Egress’ ongoing commitment to helping organizations in Australia reduce email-based cyber risk. With decades of industry experience and expertise helping clients navigate the complexities of the IT security market, the iiter team of cybersecurity specialists complement our solutions perfectly. We look forward to developing a highly successful partnership that delivers genuine value and enhanced security to our shared clients.”

Why Egress?

The only way to stop email security risks is to address both inbound and outbound threats together, and put people at the front and centre of the solution.


Solve inbound and outbound threats together!

We’ve architected a single platform that seamlessly integrates into Microsoft 365 to augment its native security and stop the inbound and outbound threats that secure email gateways (SEGs) miss.

We also provide holistic email security reporting, surfacing the organizational and human risk insights that matter most.

All this is underpinned by our philosophy of real-time teachable moments that’s designed to augment your security training program, improve security behaviours, and reduce risk for the long term.

Stop up to 97% more attacks & Uncover 10x more data breaches than previously reported

Inbound email threats have evolved. Account compromise and advanced phishing techniques mean that increasing numbers of attacks get through the signature-based detection used by Microsoft 365 and secure email gateways (SEGs).

Part of IITER security posture consulting and implementation is zero trust and why we partnered with Egress to take a zero-trust approach to inbound threat detection, inspecting every email into your organization using machine learning models and natural language processing to detect anomalies.

Our approach protects your organization from the attacks that matter most, including business email compromise, supply chain compromise, invoice and payment fraud, and ransomware.

AI driven Real time educational

Using intelligent technology, Egress delivers real-time teachable moments that alert users to genuine threats and provide a clear explanation of risky behaviours.

This best-practice approach augments your security awareness and training program and is proven to reduce risk.
Egress Security Center provides a single portal that surfaces the organizational and human risk insights that matter most.

We provide a holistic dashboard that shows trend data for both inbound and outbound threats and allows you to pinpoint specific areas of risk.

The Security Center also highlights how your Egress products are protecting your organization, enabling you to measure and demonstrate ROI.

Delivering immediate value for our customers

Our technology is fast to deploy and adds value from day one.

more threats detected than other solutions
more outbound email data breaches prevented
reduction in interaction with phishing emails

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